Credit Cards

Creditors and retail stores extend credits to consumers with the positive judgement that consumers will pay off the amounts credited. Credit cards can be extremely handy tools when used correctly as they increase consumers' purchasing power. Sadly, sometimes consumers default on their debt and fail to pay creditors what they owe. The Quarterly Report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on Household Debt and Credit for the first quarter of 2013 indicates that 10.2% of all credit card balances in the United States are 90+ days delinquent (aprox. $67 Billion).

Account Discovery Systems, LLC has been helping many credit card issuers, from small community banks to large financial institutions as well as retail credit extenders recover their charged-off accounts. Working closely with our clients, we provide collection solutions on overdraft accounts, delinquent credit card accounts, and loans.

Our highly trained account professionals know exactly what it means to collect for creditors, how multifaceted the industry is and how to make calculated actions accordingly.

ADS strives for compliance and follows the industry standards and regulations. We respect privacy and we follow the industry guidelines and code of ethics drawn by the FDCPA, FCRA and ACA International.

Student Loans

Schools often bank on a positive relationship with its alumni network for the betterment of education, reputation and student life quality. Student loans might hinder this positive relationship, however. Student loan debt has grown to become the largest form of consumer debt outside of mortgages. In a report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 2013, the total amount of student loan debt racks up to $966 billion with 11.2% of these accounts are delinquent.

We know how important it is to maintain these positive relationships with your alumni and we know the importance of recovering your money from defaulting debtors. ADS has successfully provided debt collection solutions to many educational institutions and student loans extenders.

Our professionals approach students and parents respectfully to settle the overdue accounts. They also provide tips and solutions to debtors to resolve other outstanding debt. Always adhering to the FDCPA regulations, our professionals work with great compliance.

Auto Loans

Many retail banks, car manufacturers and specialist financing companies offer to fund people for an automobile purchase. The inability to pay the owed amount within the agreed time frame may result in a reposition of the car and/or initiation of a collection process. In a recent report from TransUnion Corp, auto loans delinquencies climbed to 5.5% in the first quarter of 2013. This increase mounts to a $0.79 trillion in the national debt balance, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

At Account Discovery Systems, LLC we understand the intricacies of the industry. We have a vast experience collecting for major car manufacturers and banks offering auto loans.

Our Account Managers create specific solutions for your needs. They work to minimize your losses and increase your profit all while being compliant to all the FDCPA rules and bound the collectors code of ethics.

Medical Loans

Doctors provide patients with relief from pains whenever possible. However, those doctors end up under stress when their receivables are not being paid by some patients. According to a Bloomberg BusinessWeek article, 62% of personal bankruptcies filed in the United States were attributed to Medical bills. Medical bills for families average at $22,360 nationally. Delinquency on medical bills has been rising for decades now.

At Account Discovery Systems, LLC we understand that continuous non-payments would hurt clinics and may result in a decline in health services. We know that medical bills happen for sensitive and personal reasons.

Our account managers understand the sensitive nature of collecting for medical practices. They know what you are looking for and are aware of the critical situation debtors are in. Governed by by the FDCPA rules and the different states' laws, our professionals offer an ethical approach to collecting your debt from services rendered to patients.


Rent-to-Own retailers offer consumers the ability to rent an item - typically a major household appliance or a piece of furniture - for a monthly cost. After completing the payments in full over the term of the rental, the consumer becomes the owner of the rented item. According to a Federal Trade Commission's report, almost half of all rent-to-own customers were late in making payments. Fifteen percent of late customers reported a poor collection practices in regards to that matter.

What we know at Account Discovery Systems, LLC is that you must receive compensation for your extended services. What we understand and continuously do is professional, courteous treatment with your customers.

ADS account managers are well aware that our main goal is client satisfaction. They are constantly updated and trained about the latest compliance rules and FTC regulations. In handling delinquent accounts, our managers focus on getting your money back and ensuring a stellar customer relations simultaneously.

At ADS we work as an extension of your business. We pride ourselves with our own values and we add yours to them. Your success is our success, and it is never the other way around.