LitigationAt Account Discovery Systems, LLC we resolve the majority of cases handed to us without any legal actions. We focus on communicating with consumers to give them the chance to understand the risks they are running by being delinquent. Sometimes, however, we are faced with complete denial of payment by some consumers. As a collection agency, we do not take any legal actions against debtors. Instead, we recommend the best course of actions to our clients. Our recommendations are based on consultations with collection attorneys. It is up to the client to either follow up on our recommendations or follow a different procedure. We put our best efforts forth to avoid reaching this point in the collections process. We understand that our clients' time is as valuable as the amounts being collected.
Besides collection, we also offer an integrated Internet payment solution that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For convenience, consumers can make online payments anytime. Our payment solution accepts Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, as well as eChecks.
CollectionIt is important to be aware that when a third party collection occurs, the creditor still owns the original debt. Creditors can also opt to sell their debts to companies which buy debt and collect on it. When the debt is purchased, the new buyer becomes the creditor.
We utilize state of the art computer technology, combined with highly skilled and experienced collection specialists. We demand the highest standard of professionalism from all of our account managers with each and every account we handle for our clients.
We always put the consumers best interest first! Careful consideration is taken in the hiring of our staff members to assure that professionalism is maintained on all levels. Account Discovery Systems, LLC only hires account managers with extensive experience and professional, customer service skills. While our primary objective is to collect debt, we are also concerned with maintaining the goodwill of the consumer nationwide. Account Discovery Systems, LLC follows a strict code of ethics to enforce bad debt collections, which we constantly monitor to ensure a professional approach. Our collectors are continuously trained in FDCPA rules and requirements.